We know that some have wondered about the gnomes and their connection to Great Britain.  There is some interesting facts on the Just Say Gnome website. They started out in mainland Germany but made their way to the UK in mid 1800's soon becoming a main stay of British gardens.

It seemed a perfect partnership to include the gnomes in our country garden theme and invite them to help with our advertising.

We hope that people will look out for the gnomes at events and conventions and have your photograph taken with them.

Below is a gallery of our travelling gnomes. They have been traversing the globe since the EJC 2017 in Lublin when they set off on their journeys to visit foreign places and many juggling events.

Some of them are shy and don't share many pictures of their travels but others are very social media savvy and have their own instagram accounts. Click on the pictures to see more of their adventures.

If you would like to have your own EJC gnome, have no fear there will be the chance at the event. Look out for information in the shop page in the coming months.


fudwick the gnome


merrybarr the gnome


zizzo the gnome


criscrossi the gnome




penny winkle the gnome


norinki the gnome


Noami the gnome