Packing List


  1. Festival ticket (email is preferable!)  & ID 
  2. A reusable water bottle, to fill up from the free taps on site
  3. Tent
  4. Sleeping bag & pillow
  5. Roll mat or air bed
  6. Juggling Props
  7. Charging cable for your phone
  8. A warm jumper (it can get cold at night) or order a hoodie from us!
  9. Sun tan lotion
  10. Waterproof coat or jacket, beanie hat for sleeping incase it gets cold.
  11. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, deodorant etc)
  12. Enough change of clothes in case you get wet, including underwear, socks and indoor shoes
  13. Medical info (if you have any allergies or medical conditions)
  14. Medication if required, please contact info desk if you need anything refrigerated
  15. Torch
  16. Money/cards
  17. Sun Hat  & Sun screen (Because Sun has been ordered!)
  18. Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish, you will be able to get more bags at the info desk
  19. Contraceptives
  20. Mark valuables with house name and postcode so it can be posted back to you

Good idea but not Essential

  1. Your Country's Flag
  2. Tent Identifier (e.g. banner, mascot, landmark)
  3. Costume for the parade
  4. Cooking Equipment (e.g. camping stove, pot, matches, washing-up liquid, can opener)
  5. Eating Utensils (e.g. knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, mug)
  6. Food (Though there are vendors and an EJC Village Store on site)
  7. Fun Stuff (e.g. Cards and Games, Frisbees and Footballs, Puzzles and Nerf guns)
  8. Musical Instrument
  9. Spare Batteries (for any battery-operated items)
  10. Corkscrew and/or Bottle Opener or Multi-Tool (e.g. Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife - but don’t put these in your hand luggage if you are flying here)
  11. Notebook and Pencil (for workshops and contact details)
  12. Emergency/First Aid/Thermal/Space Blanket (to tape over your tent in hot weather)
  13. Duct Tape
  14. Ear Plugs/Sleeping Mask
  15. Toilet or Kitchen Roll
  16. Nail Clippers and/or Emery Board/Nail File / Scissors
  17. Plasters
  18. Hair Comb or Brush
  19. Feminine Hygiene Products (e.g. tampons, pads, moon cup)
  20. Hand Sanitiser

What not to bring

  1. Too much stuff so you can’t take it home again
  2. Excess packaging – if you purchase something new for the event, please remove all the excess packing at home, before you arrive
  3. Please don’t bring anything in a glass bottle.
  4. You may be searched at the entrance for any items that may be used in an illegal or offensive manner – which will be confiscated. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities onsite may also be searched and face eviction. No portable laser equipment or pens are permitted
  5. NO animals (except with permission from the main organiser), sound systems, generators, sky lanterns, unauthorised fireworks, or wax flares. *Kites can be flown in the area outside the main arena.
  6. Persons using fireworks will be evicted from site and materials confiscated.